VIDEO: All Hell Breaks Loose When First “Christian Patrol” Hits Islamist Hotspot in UK

In response violent Shariah patrols being carried out across the U.K., a team of British men and women decided to form their own Christian patrol and march peacefully through a predominantly Muslim part of Luton, England, passing out religious literature.

“We’re giving out newspapers,” Jayda Fransen, the leader of the Christian patrol, could be heard saying in a video recording. “We’ve got our Christian crosses, and we are going through the town.”

She added, “We’ve already had a bit of hostility, but we’re marching through; this is a British town and we’re proud to be British.”

As the video continued, however, the hostility became far worse, with Muslim men and women yelling taunts and insults. Some even tried pushing and punching the Christian marchers. (WARNING: GRAPHIC LANGUAGE)

“You’re jealous that we’re taking over!” barked one especially peeved Muslim man. “F*** you! It’s our country!”

“The Muslims will take over!” shouted another Muslim, this one a woman. “Watch!”

“We just literally got mobbed,” Fransen later recounted. “Muslims came back from every angle. They were threatening violence. People tried to attack me. People tried to attack our activists. They’re throwing things.”

“This isn’t your town!” one of the marchers could be heard yelling in response to the Muslims. “Reject the false Prophet Muhammad and follow the true savior of the world, Jesus Christ our Lord!”

Still, the behavior was certainly nothing like that of Shariah patrols, known for harassing women and attempting to enforce Islamic law, among other things. The Christians simply expressed themselves, and for that, well, you saw what happened.

But instead of castigating the Muslims for acting out violently or pointing out the violent nature of their Shariah patrols, liberals in Luton reportedly chose to condemn the Christians, according to Luton Today.

Talk about living in an upside-down world …

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