Muslims Who Sued Cafe For Islamophobia Get Unexpected Dose Of American Justice

After trying to ruin the owners of a California cafe with a massive religious discrimination lawsuit, a group of entitled women were slapped with a perfectly deserved dose of American justice.

After 2 years of fighting a fraudulent discrimination lawsuit filed by a group of Muslim women (right), Urth Caffe owners Jilla and Shallom Burkman (left) have finally received justice. (Photo Credit: VimeoYouTube)

Despite making up just one percent of the U.S. population, Muslims have gained more than their fair share of political and media attention thanks to not only the fact that they are 13 times more likely to commit terrorism but their fervent activism for Sharia law. By accusing individuals and institutions of racism and Islamophobia, this tiny minority is able to wage non-violent jihad in an effort to force the unbelievers to kowtow to their religious compulsions.

In June 2016, a group of 7 Muslim women, all of whom are in their 20s and 30s, filed a lawsuit against the Urth Caffe in Laguna Beach, alleging that the owners had engaged in religious discrimination by kicking them out because they wore hijabs. After discovering that the cafe’s female owner, Jilla Burkman, is also Muslim, the accusers alleged that they were the victims of racial bigotry. In truth, Jilla and her husband, Shallom, forced the women to leave the restaurant because they had become belligerent after exceeding the 45-minute limit at their table without ordering.

Refusing to back down and pay off the money-hungry Muslimas, Jilla and Shallom filed a counter lawsuit, suing the women for fraud. In September 2017, the cafe owners gained a small victory, convincing the court to reveal the identities of the seven Muslim women who were using legally protected anonymity to continue to slander the Burkmans for alleged racism. However, Jilla and Shallom weren’t quite finished with the entitled Muslim women.

The American Freedom Law Center (AFLC) reports that after Jilla and Shallom Burkman fought back against their accusers, the Muslim women have withdrawn their lawsuit, leaving them to foot the legal bill for tens of thousands of dollars. The accusers dropped their claim after mounds of evidence stacked against them, suggesting that not only were they not the victims of discrimination but that they were attempting to defraud the cafe owners with a frivolous lawsuit.

“This lawsuit was a fraud and a hoax from the get-go. After two years of litigation and after Plaintiffs’ leftist/progressive lawyers, including the ACLU, spent tens of thousands of dollars trying to force a huge financial payoff for themselves and their clients at Urth Caffe’s expense, they have received no money whatsoever and have effectively dropped their claims only to run for the hills.”

The accusers are Sara Khalil Farsakh, Soondus Ahmed, Sara Soumaya Chamma, Yumna H. Hameed, Safa Rawag, Safa Rawag’s sister, Marwa Rawag, and Rawan Hamdan. As AFLC legal counselor David Yerushalmi points out, the women not only were caught falsifying discrimination claims, one of them is also an anti-Semitic pro-Hamas activist.

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“This lawsuit is nothing short of an abuse of process,” David Yerushalmi, AFLC co-founder and senior counsel, said. “Several key facts demonstrate the contrived and abusive nature of the women’s claims. First, one of two owners who manage the Urth Caffe is herself a Muslim woman. Jilla Berkman, a co-owner of the Urth Caffe with her husband, was the one who actually authorized the call to the police after the women now claiming victim-status were loud and abusive to the Urth Caffe employees and refused to give up their table per the stated policy. Second, the lead plaintiff in the frivolous lawsuit is Sara Farsakh, a college-age activist for Palestinian causes who self-promotes her involvement in radical organizations, at least one of which calls for the destruction of Israel. Third, the organization behind the scenes organizing this fraudulent lawsuit is CAIR, or the Counsel on American-Islamic Relations.”

To skeptics, it was obvious that the women were seeking to politicize the case when they immediately turned to the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) for legal representation. The organization is a Muslim Brotherhood-Hamas front group and a designated terrorist group dedicated to furthering Sharia law. Of course, the group instantly recognized the opportunity to subjugate the owners, despite ultimately failing.

“Urth Caffe did not discriminate against the women who have filed this fraudulent lawsuit. The claim that these women were asked to leave the café because they were wearing hijabs is laughable. That night, as every Friday night, a large number of young people, including a majority of whom are Muslim and of Arab descent, make up the base of Urth Caffe’s customers. Not surprisingly, many of these customers are women wearing hijabs. None of these other Muslim women were asked to leave. The women who now claim victim status were not asked to leave, but only to abide by the café’s policy to give up their high-demand outside patio table after 45 minutes to allow other customers, including those wearing hijabs, to enjoy the experience.”

Being a Muslim herself, Jilla Burkman identified that the women were using the lawsuit to engage in Sharia “lawfare.” What they didn’t expect was for the owner to be of the same religious and foreign background, further disproving their claims of discrimination.

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Lawsuits are just one of the ways that Muslims in the West can wage jihad without having to resort to terrorism. Intimidating non-Muslims into submitting to their religious compulsions has proven just as effective as gunning down or blowing up the infidels. The fear of being accused of racism, left bankrupt, and even sentenced to prison is enough for many individuals and businesses to simply settle with their accusers out of court and apply Sharia-compliant rules to their everyday lives.

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