President Trump Calls out Millennials, Liberals Everywhere Are Fuming

This week, President Donald Trump spoke to a group of young leaders in Washington, D.C. His bold words to young Americans highlights a growing trend among millennials. It has liberals everywhere sick with disgust.

President Donald Trump dropped some truth bombs about millennials. (Photo Credit: Mike Theiler/Pool via Bloomberg, Turning Point USA)

Yeah, millennials get a lot of hate. From blogs to news networks, the young generation is often labeled for its immaturity, lack of motivation, and thin skin. Millennials are known for their “safe spaces” and trigger warnings. They’ve become a generation of people who still live with their parents and spend too much time playing video games. Then, they appear at rallies to beat up conservatives with differing views.

The truth is, this is exactly what liberals want. These same spoiled millennials demand things like free college tuition and universal healthcare. Their sense of entitlement is the exact opposite of the American spirit of ingenuity and personal responsibility. Democrats, who want to turn the United States into a welfare state, play right into millennials’ demands.

But things are changing. More and more young Americans are turning their lives around. College-aged adults and those younger are waking up to the virtues of conservative ideas. Bright, impressive personalities have captured the attention of millions of Americans. New conservative leaders are speaking at college campuses, giving entrenched socialists a run for their money.

One such conservative group is Turning Point USA. This group of young conservatives has been making waves online and on campus. They have inspired a new generation to embrace American exceptionalism and freedom. They are breaking the stereotypes so common among millennials.

President Trump had the opportunity to speak to a group of young leaders this week. In no uncertain terms, he made it clear how they can be successful in the United States. And it has everything to do with their own hard work and effort.

President Donald Trump spoke to young people in Washington, DC, on Wednesday, urging them forward in their lives and careers.

“There’s never been a better time to be young and American,” Donald Trump said.

The president addressed a group of Millennial and Generation Z leaders at the White House auditorium, an event organized by Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk.

“We’re citizens of the freest strongest and greatest nation on earth,” he said. ” Greatest nation ever to exist, and we’re getting stronger every day.”

He said he was encouraged by young people and their willingness to be politically incorrect.

“You got to love what you’re doing and if you don’t, then just do something else,” Trump said. “You’ll never be successful.”

He also encouraged young people to love their country, speak their minds, listen, and ask questions.

“Never, ever quit,” he said. “I see people quitting, and if they would have held out a little bit longer, they would have made it.” [Source: Breitbart]

One of the biggest problems among millennials is their willingness to give up. When life gets hard—either at school, work, or relationships—they just quit. It’s easier to quit, blaming others and circumstances, than it is to knuckle down and give it your all.

Millennials have become the poster children for giving up when things get tough. The entire generation has been told their problems are somebody else’s fault. If they don’t like what a person has to say, they can escape to “safe spaces.” Their fragile egos are protected by trigger warnings, so they won’t be offended at school. This has resulted in a group so weak and pathetic, they can’t even hold a normal job.

President Donald Trump shatters those illusions by focusing on the great opportunities available right now in America. Young people can realize their dreams, as the economy continues to boom. We are living at a time when a person can see success from simply working hard and rejecting “political correctness.” It’s everything the left told us wasn’t possible.

Don’t be fooled: liberals hate personal responsibility and American exceptionalism. They have told young people—especially minorities—that our country owes them something. That they are entitled to things they have not earned. They want young Americans to believe that they should be given everything, and not work to achieve it.

But in America, that simply isn’t true. Success and prosperity are achievable to anyone—only if they are willing to work hard and not give up.

Trump’s inspiring words fly in the face of decades of liberal programming. More and more Americans are waking up to the truth. Let’s hope the message continues to spread.

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