Illegal Immigrant in Miami Busted for SICK Crimes, Got Away With Doing It TWICE

A roofer in Miami was arrested after being exposed for a series of horrible crimes. His identity as an illegal immigrant will no doubt be ignored by the mainstream media. But his crimes cannot be swept under the rug.


juan Carols Hernandez-Caseres is an illegal immigrant living in Miami. (Photo Credit: Miami-Dade County CorrectionsAndré Gustavo Stumpf/Flickr)

Right now, the issue of illegal immigration is at a fever pitch. Democrats have neglected the issue for decades. They’ve allowed it to deteriorate to the crisis we see today. When President Trump tries to make desperately-needed changes to our system, liberals flip out. It’s as if they don’t want to improve conditions for Americans or illegal immigrants.

Democrats would rather keep the toxic situation as it is today. They like people sneaking across the border. That way, the left can exploit them in any way they like. But the fact remains, illegal immigration is a major national security issue. The people flooding the border aren’t the best and the brightest. More often than not, they are not trying to make America a better place. The situation allows criminals and other dangerous people to enter.

Shouldn’t we do everything we can to protect Americans?

According to the left, we shouldn’t. That’s why stories like this continue to occur. An illegal immigrant in Miami was working as a roofer. But he had another activity he liked to indulge in. Prostitutes. On two separate occasions, his rendezvouses with women of the night took an ugly turn. A deadly turn. He murdered two women, dumping their bodies on the street.

Only after a lengthy police investigation was this man found.

Remind me again of why we don’t need a wall?

An illegal immigrant has been charged with killing two Miami prostitutes and dumping their bodies on the street, according to reports.

Juan Carols Hernandez-Caseres, a 37-year-old roofer, was arrested Saturday for the murders months apart of Ann Farrin, 41, and Neidy Roche, 39, the Miami Herald reported. He is being held without bail. The 39-year-old is also being held on an immigration detainer.

Their bodies were found where they had been dumped by a man in a car, according to the paper and WTVJ.

A surveillance camera captured each dumping, the two news outlets reported…

The arrest report released by police says Hernandez-Caseres admitted punching Farrin in the throat and neck when they got into an argument in his car during sex. [Source: Fox News]

What a nice man. He enjoys the company of prostitutes until he decides to murder them. I’m sure all illegal immigration activists and Democrats are just flocking to this story. Or, more likely, burying it as fast as they can.

For all the left’s bellyaching about illegal aliens, this is the reality. It’s not just “innocent” families trying to illegally cross the border. More than a few are men like Hernandez-Caseres. They aren’t upstanding, decent people. They are often already fugitives of the law in their home countries. They want to flee to America for a second chance. But instead of coming here lawfully, they break the law. And often they squander that second chance by breaking the law here.

Every month we learn about ICE raids in cities across the country. The agency rounds up dozens, if not hundreds, of illegal immigrants. Big surprise, they aren’t hard-working family men. They are members of drug cartels, rapists, killers, and child abusers. These are not people we want in our country. We want people who will come here legally, follow our laws, and make America better.

Funny how Democrats don’t want the same.

This story is a reminder that illegal immigration must come to an end. We must secure our border at all costs. And those lawmakers who refuse to help? Yeah, they can pack their bags. They don’t deserve to lead us.

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