A prisoner who bragged about his offenses was disemboweled in prison on Saturday.For many criminals, especially those who sexually assault people, it’s often in prison they are made to suffer for their crimes. Many men are raped, sexually assaulted, or murdered in prison.

Mitchell Harrison (23) a serial sex offender, Saturday found the latter awaited him.When Mitchell Harrison was sentenced to four years in prison for raping a 13-year-old girl he seemed proud of his crime. Harrison was sent to the notorious Frankland Prison, home of child killer Ian Huntley (who last year had his throat cut). When quizzed by other inmates, Harrison would brag about the intricacies of his sexual exploits (this the third time he was caught for sexual offences on minors).

It’s this bragging that is thought to have ended his life.On Saturday morning, having made makeshift weapons out of toothbrushes and razors, two inmates at Frankland prison confronted Harrison in his cell, slit open his stomach, and to ensure he was dead pulled out some of his internal organs onto the floor, essentially disemboweling him.
The two men (as yet unnamed) aged 23 and 32 then cleaned themselves up, went to eat breakfast, then turned themselves into officers for the crime, which at that point had gone undetected.
Harrison’s previous offices included sexual assault on a 7 year old when he was 13, and stalking and threatening to rape a 15-year-old classmate in his school.

In his boasts however Harrison stated he had committed more offences than he had been found guilty of. He was sentenced to prison after luring a 13-year-old into a flat and raping her twice.Officials state that the scene of the murder was extreme, and almost ritualistic in its detail. Many of those who saw the scene, stated they had never seen anything quite so horrific. The murder was not only a killing; it was a message to other prisoners. Most prisoners tend to keep quiet about their offences, but it is claimed that Harrison never stopped talking about his, a fact that ultimately contributed to his death.

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